What is special about traveling with Kyrgyz Muras?


We organize trips for small groups till 6 people. The tailor-made tours take importance of environmental protection and cultural values of local inhabitants into consideration.

Our experienced guide – interpreters facilitate communication with local people and interpret cultural peculiarities. They are under-/postgraduate students from Bishkek who are pursuing a degree in language studies.

Our responsible drivers take care of a safe transportation throughout the tour.

We collaborate with local people and encourage them to develop their own activities.


Mission statement

The work of Kyrgyz Muras (“Muras” means – Heritage) is based on the principles of ecological, cultural and ethnographic tourism using local tourist products and cultural heritage of the Kyrgyz people.
We support the sustainability, development and protection of the cultural and spiritual centuries-old heritage of nomadic folk, as well as help preserve the original modern culture of the local people by giving them support and additional income. Thus Kyrgyz Muras preserves and increases the possibilities for future development, minimizing all the negative consequences for the natural and social environment that satisfies the interest and needs of modern tourists.
Kyrgyz Muras provides a unique opportunity to live in families in villages, in yurts on mountain pastures, to get acquainted and study the culture, customs and traditions of the Kyrgyz people that create favourable conditions for intercultural exchange.