Highlights of Kyrgyzstan


Bishkek is the capital of Kyrgyzstan. With almost one million population, Bishkek is the economic, cultural, political, and scientific centre of the country. In its structure, the city is similar to many other Soviet cities with wide roads and squares, many large parks, modern buildings and statues. The most prominent among others are the statues of Lenin and Frunze. Bishkek is a vibrant, rapidly modernizing city with many restaurants, cafés, museums, and parks. Go especially to the Central Park where you will witness elderly men awaiting a worthy opponent in a chess game.


ala archaThe Ala Archa National Park.

The Ala-Archa is a mountainous national park in the Tian Shan Mountains and located about 40 km south of Bishkek. There is a river wildly flowing in a huge gorge and beautiful alpine waterfall that serves as a destination point for many hikers. The experienced hikers and mountaineers continue their trek further up to conquer the summit of the highest mountain in the region. The park has many spectacular mountain ridges and a high diversity of flora and fauna.



Issyk Kul is the second largest alpine lake in the world. This pearl of Central Asia is located between Kungei and Teskei Ala Too ranges of about 4000m. The water´s salinity is approx. 0.6 %. Issk-Kul means “warm lake” in Kyrgyz language. Although the lake is located on 1600m and surrounded by snow-covered peaks, it never freezes. You can come here to relax, swim it its crystal-clear water and take thermal baths. Alternatively, you can just walk on the shore of the lake and enjoy the fresh breeze.



Karakol is a small town located on the eastern part of Lake Issyk-Kul Lake and famous for its Dungan Mosque built by Chinese artisans and The Russian Orthodox Holy Trinity Cathedral.

On Sundays, there is the biggest cattle market of the region. You will need to get up very early if you want to observe people handling on this special bazaar.


Fergana Valley

Fergana Valley is the most fertile valley of Central Asia that is located between Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. This huge valley of 300 km long stretches from Uzbekistan to Kyrgyzstan, where the Tian Shan and Pamir mountain ranges converge. Historically the valley was an important staging-post on the Silk Road.


Osh is one of the oldest cities in Central Asia, located on the ancient Silk Road. The city is known for its five-man rock that stands in the centre and its huge market along the river – Jaima Bazar. Furthermore, you will find the sacred rock “Throne of Solomon.”

IMG_0491Tash Rabat

Tash Rabat is a caravanserai that was built in the XV century on the Silk Road. Exhausted merchants and pilgrims from the East and West used to stay here and rest before continuing their long journey. Tash Rabat is the largest stone-built construction in Central Asia from this period.


susameerSuusamyr valley

The Suusamyr Valley (2000-3200 m) is the one of the most splendid and popular areas in Kyrgyzstan. The valley is located between Tien Shan and Talas Ala Too mountain ranges and extends for a total of 155 km.