Spend the night in Kyrgyzstan

Our tailor-made trips are composed with care. We ensure a good balance in the way of overnight stay. We use different options for eating and sleeping. We have our own families where we are guests. And we also use a lot of CBT (Community Based Tourism) We ensure that you get sufficient opportunity to get in touch with local people. Your first and last night in Kyrgyzstan are usually in Bishkek, then the hotel Madison is your base. A great hotel to recover from the trip.

The different overnight stays are examined


We have a number of families where only our guests come. Often you get the best room of the small house. Sometimes you sometimes sleep on the floor in a bed (the kyrges are masters in making a bed on the floor). You are part of the host family for a while. Sanitary facilities are basic. The toilet is often outside the house.


These are the guesthouses of CBT. Here, too, you are a guest with families, here you sometimes meet other guests from other organizations. You do have your own room but the facilities are shared. We often choose houses where the toilet and the shower are in the house.


The hotel Madison, located in Bishkek, between the center and the Oshbasaar. It is a great hotel, new, with good rooms and facilities. It is so central that you can go to the center on foot.


Besides our own yurt camps (including Almaluu) we go to yurt camps of CBT (for example Jaichy) In a yurt camp you have a yurt that serves as a restaurant, another yurt as a kitchen, the other yurt are “hotel rooms”. We always try to organize a private yurt for our guests. However, sometimes you have to share the yurt, in the high season this chance is greater. The sanitary facilities are basic. Sometimes the shower is a cabin, sometimes the shower inside a stone room.

Joert on the way

If you make a trekking, or a fantastic horse ride, we will spend the night at the djiailoo. At the yurt of a family we store our tent. Sometimes you can also sleep in a yurt. We have our meal in the yurt. In principle, the facilities are very basic.


During the trekking, horseback ride or bicycle tour you sometimes stay in tents. These are 3 person tents (we sleep with max. 2 people in this tent) with an entrance on both sides. We ourselves have tents from the Eureka brand. It is also possible that we organize a draw together with a CBT office and take their tents with us.
Be well informed about your equipment. Sometimes you bring your own sleeping bag. Consult this carefully, in advance.