Sustainable Traveling

Travelife is the leading international certification for sustainability of the travel industry.   It covers all aspects of the supply chain from tourism, from environmental issues, biodiversity and human rights to labor relations.   It fully meets the UN Sustainability criteria supported by the UN Tourism Council.

As the first DMC in Kyrgyzstan to receive Travelife accreditation, we are proud to be pioneers in sustainability in Kyrgyzstan .  

The certification process of Travelife offers handles to remain true to its own statement.

What make Kyrgyzstan such a fascinating and exciting and peaceful place are the overwhelming mountains and cultural history of the country. As Kyrgyz Muras we have worked hard to integrate the cultural and spiritual age-old legacy of nomadic people into our travels. 
Although we encounter more similar cultures in the world (e.g. in Mongolia), Kyrgyzstan has retained its own unique culture. By traveling with Kyrgyz Muras you get the chance to communicate with the local people and feel the energy of the country. Come with an open mind, enrich your experience, respect the culture and you will be surprised.

We want to leave NO footprints on the jailoo, valleys, mountains, canyons, 
lakes and in all our destinations in Kyrgyzstan. We choose biological cleaning products and we give the “recipes” to our host families. We try to carpool as much as possible which means that we use a car only then, when there are no other possibilities. It may happen so that in addition to transporting our guests we also go to a local bazaar to shop for the Yurtcamp, where we are headed to. Our special attention during the trip is paid to our waste and we want to be an example for others.

By supporting local charities, companies and organisations that contribute to the preservation of the environmental and cultural values, we can optimize the benefits of tourism for the local population and their economy.

Together with other organisations we support local initiatives by buying their products and stimulating them or setting up activities together. If possible, we encourage our guests to participate in sustainable tourism activities.

By supporting active community- based tourism projects alongside the local and international development organisations, Kyrgyz Muras helps generate revenue in remote and impoverished communities in Kyrgyzstan.  With these projects visitors can gain unique and authentic cultural experiences while at the same time helping to preserve local traditions, improve well-being and support the preservation of the environment.

By working together with local communities living in (threatened) nature reserves, supporting nature organisations working there and informing our guests about these nature reserves, we want to make a positive contribution to the conservation of nature in Kyrgyzstan.

Traveling with Kyrgyz Muras (“Muras” means – Heritage) is based on the principles of ecological, cultural and ethnographic tourism using local tourism products and cultural heritage of the Kyrgyz population.

We support the sustainability, development and protection of the cultural and spiritual ancient heritage of nomadic folk, and help preserve the original modern culture of the local population by providing them with support and additional income. Kyrgyzstan thus preserves and enlarges the possibilities for future development, and minimizes the negative consequences for the natural and social environment that meet the interests and needs of modern tourists.

Kyrgyz Muras offers a unique opportunity to stay with families in villages and in yurts on mountain pastures to get knowledge of the culture, customs and traditions of Kyrgyzstan. So our guests can study the way of living und create a possibility for an intercultural exchange.

Responsible travel promotes the sustainable development of destinations.