Terms and Conditions

As you will be travelling with a Kyrgyz company things will be a little        different than what you are used to. Here you will find information   concerning your tour, the terms and conditions, the price and how
you can make a reservation.

You can book by E-mail.
Your reservation will be considered valid when you have fixed the dates, paid the deposit of €200,00 together with the administration costs (€25)  to Kyrgyz Muras, Kyrgyz Muras have received the completed and signed booking form and they have confirmed your reservation.  By signing the booking form you accept these terms and conditions

As you are responsible for your own flight arrangements ( we can help and/or advise you)  payment is directly to the airline concerned. The remaining amount, the cost of the tour itself, you can either:

  1. a) carry the money with you and make payment in cash to the Kyrgyz Muras team or
  2. b) 6 weeks before departure transfer the appropriate sum. Stating your name and the date of the tour.

The prices are per person and only relate to the itinerary and services as stated.

If the traveller wishes to make changes to the stated itinerary (e.g. a different flight time) Kyrgyz Muras will do their best to accommodate these changes. Any additional charges incurred will be for the tourist. These changes will be part of the travel agreement once they have been confirmed by Kyrgyz Muras.

The prices are based on the exchange rate, taxes and duties applicable at the time of publication. Kyrgyz Muras reserves the right to increase the price if there is a drastic change in these charges. (e.g. Change in exchange rate or taxes).  The traveller will be made aware of any changes and by an increase of more than 15% will have the right to cancel without  incurring any costs.

Duration, Itinerary, Itinerary changes
The tourist has no rights to refunds or compensation in the event of delays to flights or changes in the (airline) timetables. If due to delays extra costs are involved these costs are for the tourist.
In the event of unforeseen circumstances such as political unrest, natural disasters, weather etc. that are part of the risks when choosing for adventure tourism, the route, accommodation or itinerary may have to be adapted. The company will do their best to see that the character of the tour remains intact.

The tourist will be informed of any changes as quickly as possible. If for reasons of political unrest or natural disasters a tour is cancelled the company will do it’s very best to find an alternative.

 Group Minimum
If the stipulated minimum number of bookings is not reached for a particular tour (usually 4) the tour can still take place with an additional payment or, after consultation and if  the possibility exists, the tourist can join another group.

Cancellation (by the tourist)
Cancellation must, and can only be, by registered post. ( Addressed to the contact address in The Netherlands) The cancellation date is the date that the company receives the cancellation by post. The cost for the tourists are:

  • From the booking date up until 56 days before departure 20%  of  the remaining fee with a minimum of  € 200.-
  • 29 till 55 days 50 % of the remaining fee with a minimum of  € 200.-
  • 14 till 28 days 75 % of the remaining fee with a minimum of  € 200.-
  • 0 till 13 days before departure 100%

Take note: Cancelling flights after involves of 100% of the costs. Check the airlines conditions.

Partial cancellation
If a trip for several people is booked and 1 or more people cancel, there is a partial cancellation. In the case of a partial cancellation, the other participants may have to pay additional costs, because the occupancy of the accommodation has changed and / or the fixed costs are divided over fewer people.

The tourist must take out travel insurance with company with a SOS – centre.
A cancellation insurance is advised.

Documents & vaccinations
To enter and travel in Kyrgyzstan you must have a passport that is valid for at least the following six months. You should have vaccination documentation before departure. The tourist is responsible for all costs that are a consequence of these documents not being in order. The travel company will provide information about the necessary documentation and vaccinations but the tourist should check with the appropriate authorities.

The Tour Company’s obligations
The Company is responsible satisfactory completion of the tour as described in the contract. To the satisfaction that tourist could reasonably expect considering the agreement and publicity. The adventurous nature of the tour, the type of tour, the local situations, customs and the boundaries that the destination and type of tour involve will be taken into consideration.

The company is not responsible for damage due to:

  • the contract not being fulfilled due to the health of the tourist
  • -situations that are no fault of the company and/or due to custom or law could not reasonably be attributed to the company.
  • unforeseen circumstances such as changes to flight time tables, natural disasters, war, strikes or political situations
  • theft of loss of property
  • sickness
  • damage that is covered by the travel insurance
  • action by third parties not involved with the agreement
  • the tourist breaking the law or carrying articles or substances forbidden by law
  • obvious mistakes in the itinerary
  • mistakes by the airline companies

The tourists obligations
The tourist is obliged to:

  1. mention personal conditions that could influence the tour (sickness, handicap, age, allergy).
  2. to follow relevant instructions given by the company or the tour guide.
  3. the tourist is responsible for all costs for damage caused by not following the instruction.
  4. should a tourist cause such problems that it makes it difficult or impossible to carry out the tour or brings the group in danger , that tourist will be removed from the tour and all costs will be charged to that participant.
  5. to have the appropriate equipment needed for the tour as stated by the company.


Any complaints should always initially be taken to the tour guide and /or an available member of the Kyrgyz Muras team. If necessary via E-mail through an intermediary in The Netherlands. Should the situation not be satisfactorily resolved to the tourists satisfaction the tourist should sent his complaint, within 4 weeks, to the company. The Company will react within 15 working days.

Protection of your data
We guarantee and respect your privacy by complying with the Personal Data Protection Act. This means that your personal information is only used for the purpose for which it is intended and that your personal data is protected by us. Any other use of your personal data, in particular the sale thereof to third parties, is expressly excluded.