IMG_0354We offer tours on a basis of three themes: cultural-historical, active, and special trips.

Cultural-historic tours: we offer them, if you are interested in a nomad culture with authentic remnants of shamanism and historical sites reflecting the period of the Silk Road. You will meet people who tell ancient folklore which were passed down from father to son through centuries. By sleeping in yurt–Kyrgyz ancient architectural masterpiece, you will experience the real nomad way of living. Moreover, tour includes visits to museums, petroglyphs, and oriental bazaars.

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Active tours: On a (mountain) bicycle, horse, or foot go to discover the land of snow leopards and Marco Polo Sheep. A combination of two or three is also possible. Moreover, you can adjust the level of activeness and complexity of tours. The routes take you to unbeaten paths in summer pastures, through remote villages and towns. Of course, you will have time to learn the culture and observe busy people negotiating prices on a local market.

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Special tours: Under this category fall tours like Shaman, Festival, and Nature/Bird Watching.

The speciality of Shaman tour is that a local Shaman/Bubu Raihan will accompany you throughout the tour and explain/teach some rituals. She is a person who has devoted herself to shamanism and history. Moreover, you will visit holy places where Kyrgyz people go to pray.

Festival tour includes special festival programs such as nomad horse games, hunting with a bird of prey and exhibition of national handicraft products etc.

The Nature/ Bird Watching trip is designed especially for active nature lovers designed. You can observe special species of local birds inhabiting in various landscapes of Kyrgyzstan as well as migrant birds. Big groups of colourful butterflies and screams of marmots will also catch your attention. This tour can also be taken as a photo trip. For more specific information, please contact us.

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Please note that all tours can be developed according to your wishes and time you want.
During your trip, you may meet our other guests who you travel with for a few days.