Tulpar Song-Kol

paardrijden son kulTulpar. Reiten in Kirgisistan. Von Kochkor zum Song Kol See
Eine fantastische Reise, bei der Sie zusätzlich zum zweimaligen Tagesausflug das Pferd als Transportmittel haben. Von Djailoo zu Djailoo. Auf dem Weg durch Flüsse und Pässe, (3400 und 3600 Meter), mit 360 ° Aussichten. Genießen Sie die Blumen auf den Wiesen, die Greifvögel am Himmel, die schönen Panoramen. Gelegentlich im Galopp den Wind durch die Haare gehen zu lassen. Genieße deine Freiheit.



Die beste Reisezeit: Juni – August
Schwierigkeitsgrad: durchschnittlich (fit ab 3400
und 3600 Meter, durch Flüsse)
Dauer: 16 Tage, davon 5 Tage Reiten und
2 Tagesausflüge

1630 Euro pp eine Gruppe von 4 Personen
2210 Euro pp eine Gruppe von 2 Personen



Day Route


Short description

1 Manas – Bishkek  900 m Arrival in Bishkek. Get brief information about the whole tour and places to be visited. City tour in the center of Bishkek, walking in the park, visiting open air gallery, historical museum etc.  Have a welcoming dinner at the restaurant. Overnight stay in hotel/guesthouse.
2 Bishkek – Burana – Chon Kemin Breakfast, leaving for Chon Kemin on the northern shore of Issik-kul lake. On the way, visiting the Burana tower (15 km from the main road), an architectural complex of the 10 – 11thcenturies (the Great Silk Road). Have a lunch on the way at the cafe in Kemin. Arrive by dinner. Stay at home with local family.
3 Chon Kemin 1700m Breakfast up to your wishes, horse riding to the Karol-Dobo mount or to the forest. Preparing for forthcoming 5 days riding. Have a picnic in the forest or have a lunch at the guesthouse. Come back by dinner. Overnight is in guesthouse.
4 Chon Kemin – Kochkor After Breakfast, head to Kochkor village. Visiting local bazaar, the biggest felt making shops “Altyn – Kol”, “Kyal”.  Preparation for riding tour. Overnight and dinner is at CBT guesthouse.
5 Kochkor – Sarala Saz jailoo – Iri Suu

Begin of the Horse riding Tour

After breakfast transfer from Kochkor to Sarala-Saz jailoo, with beautiful views of the Kara Moinok and Sandyk Mountains to the south. This day you spend crossing wide-open pastures till Iri-Suu area. Have a dinner in Iri-Suu jailoo, and then take an evening walk over the hill into the beautiful Kashka-Suu river valley, watch the alpenglow on the southern mountains. Overnight stay in tents. Horse riding time 3-4 hours.
6 Iri Suu – Kichi Saryk Valley  3400 m After breakfast at Iri-Suu, gear up for a long day through nearly-empty country. Begin by traversing the western end of the Kochkor valley through scrubby dry terrain. After crossing the fast Karakol river, climb 1000 meters over the Buchuk Pass (3400 m). On the other side, after a brief break for lunch on the trail, descend into the wonderful Sook Valley. Wild onions cover the high cold ridges, while lower down whole hillsides of wildflowers bloom. Eagles soar and marmots cry and scurry about. At day`s end, ford the Sook River and climb the green Kichi Saryk valley.  Overnight stay in tents. Horse time 6-7 hours.
7 Kichi Saryk Valley – Kum Bell – Koldu Suu jailoo  3 600 m After breakfast, detour to the next valley west, the Kum Bel, for the best approach to the 3600 m Kum Bel Pass. From the Pass, follow a ridge eastward and upward to the peak, 3656 m above sea level, with breathtaking 360 grade views and sheer drops to the north. Continue east, down scree-covered hillsides, and eat lunch in a sheltered notch. Descend at last into the Kolduu Suu valley, and follow it down between dandelion covered mountains to Kolduu Suu jailoo. Overnights in yurts. Riding time 5-6 hours.
8 Koldu Suu jailoo – Kilemche jailoo  Have a breakfast and head to the Kochkor – Jumgal road. Follow the road a short ways east to the Kyzart Pass, then strike south again. Within sight of the road, cross Kyzyl-Kiya jailoo, an enormous, relatively flat sea of grass. Continue over the Chaar-Archa valley and eat a tasty lunch by the racing river, with views of holy 4400 m Baba-Ata Mountain. Sated, ford the river and follow the trail over verdant hills to Kilemche Jailoo. The name means “like a carpet”, and this swathe of grass covers whole mountain ranges, with shadings as subtle as any shyrdak (Kyrgyz felt carpet). Dinner and sleep in yurt. Riding time 5 hours.
9 Kilemche Jailoo – Batai Aral Son-Kol

End of the Riding tour

  3 400 m After breakfast spend the morning climbing to Jalgyz Karagai Pass (3400 m), over the Son-Kol mountains and into the lake`s basin. This climb affords wonderful views of Kilemche jailoo, and the pass itself is rocky and exciting. From the pass, Song-Kol is still in a distant, but as you traipse down the slopes, it gets larger and larger; the mountains on the other side get higher and higher, until finally the lake fills most of your field of view and the southern mountains tower above it. After having lunch at Jaman Echki, follow the lakeshore east to the yurt at Batai Aral. Upon arrival meet the host family of Kyrgyz shepherds. Meal and overnight is in yurt. Horse riding time 5 hours.
10 Son-Kol  ca 3020 m Breakfast, have a well earned rest, spend a day – time at the lakeside. Watching and/ or participating in everyday life of shepherds: milking mares, making national milk products like kymyz (a fermented mare’s milk) or airan (a sour dense milk product), tending cattle. Meal and overnight in yurt
11 Son-Kol – Naryn After breakfast head to Naryn, the center of oblast. Make city tour, visit local mosque, art gallery. Dinner at restaurant. Overnight is at guesthouse, where you can have shower after a long riding tour.
12 Naryn –Tash-Rabat Breakfast, leaving for Tash – Rabat, – Caravanserai (15th C) which was constructed on the ancient trade route from Central Asia   to China and was a resting place for merchants, ambassadors, travelers. It is the largest Central Asian stone-built construction of that epoch. Stay in yurt camp for an overnight.
13 Tash-Rabat Breakfast. Go on the horseback to the pass where you`ll have a panoramic view for Chatyr-Kol and Arpa valley. Have a picnic lunch and relax. Come back to yurt camp for dinner.
14 Tash-Rabat – Koshoi Korgon – Naryn After breakfast head to Naryn, with en-route visit of Koshoi- Korgon, an old fortress (9-12th AD), historical museum. Dinner at restaurant. Overnight is at guesthouse.
15 Naryn  – Bishkek Breakfast, head to Bishkek.  Lunch en route, arrive in Bishkek afternoon. Farewell dinner is at restaurant. Overnight is in hotel.
16 Departure Transfer to Airport and say goodbye to Kyrgyzstan!


The price includes all services such as full pension, transport and guidance from arrival at airport till departure, except for flight and alcoholic beverages.