Tulpar Naryn

Von Yssyk Kul zu Naryn uber Orto Syrt Djailoo
Die Djailoos sind die Weiden, auf denen die kirgisischen Hirten im Sommer ihre Herden haben. Sie leben dann in ihrem Jurte. Wir durchqueren die schönsten Djailoos, durch das Gebirgstal von Orto-Syrt und dann bis zum Pass Tong. Zur Vorbereitung besuchen wir das Naturschutzgebiet Chon Kemin und fahren um den Yssyk Kul See herum. Abschließend werden wir den Son Kul mehr besuchen. Die Perle Kirgisistans

Ein Ausflug für den erfahrenen Abenteurer, Reiter und Wanderer. Denn diese Reise ist auch zu Fuß möglich.

Die beste Reisezeit: Juli – August

Schwierigkeitsgrad: Durchschnittlich (2 Pässe über 3800 Meter)

Dauer der gesamten Reise: 21 Tage, einschließlich der 8-Tage-Ziehung und 2 zusätzlichen (Reit-) Tagen in Vorbereitung

2025 Euro p. für eine Gruppe von 4 Personen
2835 euro p.p für eine Gruppe von 2 Personen

Day Route Altitude Short description
1 Manas – Bishkek  900 m Arrival in Bishkek. After lunch brief information about the whole tour, about places to be visited. City tour in the center of Bishkek, walking in the park, visiting open air gallery, historical museum etc.  Have a welcoming dinner at the restaurant. Overnight stay in hotel/guesthouse.
2 Bishkek – Burana – Chon Kemin Breakfast, leaving for Chon Kemin on the northern shore of Issik-kul lake. On the way, visiting the Burana tower (15 km from the main road), an architectural complex of the 10 – 11thcenturies (the Great Silk Road). Have a lunch on the way at the cafe in Kemin. Arrive by dinner. Stay at home with local family.
3 Chon Kemin Breakfast up to your wishes, horse riding to the Karol-Dobo mount or to the forest. Have a picnic in the forest or have a lunch at the guesthouse. Come back by dinner. Overnight is in guesthouse.
4 Chon Kemin – Chyrpykty Have a breakfast and head to Chyrpykty, to the village near the Issyk-Kul Lake (Warm lake). Walk around the village or go to swim. Overnight and dinner by local family.
5 Chyrpykty – Cholpon-Ata – Karakol


Breakfast, morning head to Karakol (200 km, 3 hour driving). On the way make a stop in Cholpon – Ata to visit historical museum and an open – air petroglyph (rock painting) gallery (5 km from Cholpon – Ata). Arrive in Karakol by lunch. After lunch, city tour: visit the Dungan Mosque styled as a Chinese pagoda, the Russian Orthodox Church, the museum of the famous traveler Nikolai Przhevalskiy. Visiting local bazaar, shopping. Dinner is at restaurant. Overnight is at the CBT guesthouse.
6 Karakol – Djeti-Oguz – Saruu Breakfast, leaving for Saruu. On the way to Saruu trip to Jeti – Oguz Gorge (30 km from the main road). Walk and picnic in the Kok – Zhaik area (a Valley of Flowers), climbing to the waterfall. . Arrive at Saruu for the dinner. Overnight is at the house in the village by local family.
7 Saruu After breakfast leaving for Juuku – Suu Gorge, to the hot mineral spring. This is popular among local people.  Hiking to waterfall, through pass covered with fir trees and rocky mounts, along the river.  Enjoy with peaceful nature during the picnic lunch. Come back to village for dinner. Optional go to the beach and have a lazy day. Overnight is at house.
8 Saruu – Bokonbaevo Almaluu jurtcamp Breakfast, transfer to Bokonbaevo Almaluu jurtcamp. On the way make a stop to visit fantastic place called Skazka (Fairytale). Mysteriously shaped clayish-sandy rocks made by nature – wind, rain, sun, through the centuries. You will have an impression of being in a tale, if you give a freedom to your imaginations!   Further visit Bokonbaevo village, where you will visit local workshops, witness process of making Kyrgyz national carpets and other handicrafts made by local people. Go to the open air bazaar. Lunch en route. Overnight is in yurt.
9 Bokonbaevo Almaluu jurtcamp  ca. 1600 m Breakfast, relax, go to the lake, beach time, have swim. Overnight is in yurt
10 Bokonbaevo Almaluu jurtcamp – Tuura Suu Riding to Kok Bulak Jailoo

Begin of the Horse riding Tour

Early morning transfer from Almaluu towards Tong mountain range: to the small village Tuura Suu where you will meet your guide team and start trekking to Kok Bulak Jailoo. Arrival having lunch, continue trek. Dinner and accommodation in the first shepherd’s yurt. Horse riding time: 3 hours
11 Kok Bulak – Tong Pass – Orto Syrt Valley  4 016 m After breakfast walk up along Kok-Bulak river to the pass “Tong”. Spend the morning climbing to Tong pass (4 016 m), over the Terskey Mountain range and into the Orto Syrt mountain valley (over the 3 000m). Picnic on the top of the pass and walk down to the old sanatorium place where you can have a hot spring bath. Dinner and overnight in tent. Horse time 6 hours
12 Orto Syrt Valley – Keruu Jailoo Next morning continue the trekking into the Jyluu Suu gorge to Orto Syrt valley. Reach Keruu Jailoo where you are welcomed by local shepherds and are honorable guest in his yurt. Lunch/Dinner and B&B in the yurt. Horse time: 3 hours
13 Keruu Jailoo – Kuzgun Uya After fresh breakfast from the Shepherd’s yurt head to the West along the strong mountain river “Balgard” to the place”Kuzgun Uya”. Overnight in tent. Horse time 5 hours
14 Kuzgun Uya – Jakbolot pass Next day start to the southern part of the Orto Syrt valley, where the jailoos belong to Naryn region. On the way stop for lunch in Naryn shepherd’s yurt. Walk up to Jakbolot pass to sleep at the foot of the pass Jakbolot in the tent. Horse time 6 hours
15 Jakbolot pass – Keng Sai Jailoo  3 841m Cross the Jakbolot pass (3 841m) and reach Keng-Say Jailoo where you will stay in next shepherd’s yurt or tent. Picnic on the way, dinner and breakfast in shepherd’s tent. Horse time: 6 hours
16 Keng Sai Jailoo – Eki Naryn Chyrpykty Jailoo After breakfast walk dawn to the valley Eki-Naryn to the Jailoo “Chyrpykty” where you meet a last shepherd’s yurt and stay for overnight. Horse time: 6 hours
17 Eki Naryn Chyrpykty Jailoo – Naryn City

End of the Riding tour

After breakfast spend some time enjoying refreshing and well-earned rest at the Chyrpykty jailoo. Watching and/or participation in everyday life of shepherds: milking mares; making national milk products like kymyz (a fermented mare’s milk) or airan (a sour dense milk product); tending cattle. Eat a delicious lunch here and transfer to Naryn city 2-3 hours driving. Horse time: 5 hours
18 Naryn – Son-Kol Have a breakfast, transfer to Son-Kol Lake, which is located on 3016m above the sea level. Arrive there to the lunch, walking around enjoying the nature or ride a horse. Overnight in the yurt.
19 Son-Kol 3050 m Breakfast, have a rest, spend a day – time at the lakeside. Ride a horse. Meals and overnight is in yurt
20 Son-Kol – Bishkek Breakfast, head to Bishkek.  Lunch en route, arrive in Bishkek afternoon. Farewell dinner is at restaurant. Overnight is in hotel.
21 Departure  Transfer to Airport and say goodbye to Kyrgyzstan.


The price includes all services such as full pension, guidance and transportation from arrival at the airport till departure, except the costs for flights and alcoholic beverages.