Cultural-Historic Tours

If you are interested in a nomad culture with authentic remnants of shamanism and historical sites reflecting the period of the Silk Road, then the following tours are what you are looking for. You will hear ancient folklore which were passed down from father to son through centuries. By sleeping in yurt – Kyrgyz ancient architectural masterpiece, you will experience the real nomad way of living. Moreover, tour includes visits to museums, rock paintings, and colourful oriental bazaars.

Muras Tour

Around the Issyk Kul Lake and to Tash Rabat Caravanserai. Your trip starts with the pearl of Central Asia – the Isskkul Lake where you will witness various landscapes without driving far and local people converging prices for watermelon, yoghurt and bucket of apricot on local bazaars. The trip will continue to a high mountainous region of Kyrgyzstan to visit Tash Rabat, an architectural construction on the Great Silk Road.
Further, you go to Son Kul to stay for two days and witness nomad shepherds grazing their cattle on a summer meadow.
In this two-week-tour, you will experience a lot of beautiful sites of Kyrgyzstan. Moreover, it is possible to extend the tour with few days of trekking or horse riding. Look also at our Tien Shan Tour.


Textile Tour


Open your heart to the culture and way of the Kyrgyz people´s life. Stay at their houses in different villages, where you will visit several workshops and witness the process of making felt. You can learn felting by making your own small traditional Kyrgyz carpets such as “Alakiiz” or “Shyrdak.” Depending on your wishes, you can decide which “oimo” (a pattern) you want on your carpet since each carries a different meaning. Moreover, you can also choose to make a small souvenir which you can take with you as a beautiful memory about your unforgettable journey.

Besides the felt making, you will have enough time for various outdoor activities (e.g. walking, swimming & etc.) to enjoy the magnificent Kyrgyz nature and nice weather. Nomad culture inherited through generations, historical sites and shamanic practices which were deeply rooted in Kyrgyz household will be explained and interpreted by our experienced guides.


Silk Road


In this eight-days-trip, you follow the Great Silk Road all the way to Tash Rabat Caravanserai, close to the Chinese border. The route includes a visit to Burana Tower, Yssyk Kul Lake and stay with nomads in Song Kol. The highlight will be the Tash Rabat that was built in the XV century on the Silk Road as a caravanserai where exhausted merchants and pilgrims from the East and West could stay and rest before continuing their long journey.

Tash Rabat is the largest stone-built construction in Central Asia from this period. You will overnight in yurt in this mysterious place. This tour is optimal for those who want to discover parts of the Great Silk Road in a short time. Possible to extend or combine with other activities. (See also Muras Tour and Tien Shan tour.)




Four lakes Tour

South tour This trip is special in the way that it shows two very different parts of Kyrgyzstan: the north with nomad culture on beautiful djailoo and the south with extensive walnut forest, culture and language with Uzbek influences and a warmer climate. The route passes by four lakes and this is where the name of the tour derives from. The tour starts with the visit to the Issyk-Kul Lake, the second largest high mountain lake in the world. Further, the route goes to Son Kul at 3000 meters, where nomads graze their cattle on summer pasture. The third is the Toktogul water reverse – the largest hydropower of Kyrgyzstan. Finally, you will visit beautiful Say-Chelek Lake surrounded by mountains and forests where you can find the rare alpine plants and birds. Then, we visit Arslanbob and Osh. Osh is the oldest and ancient city in Central Asia. This trip can be extended with either one or more days of trekking / horse riding around of the Issyk-Kul or with a festival visit in the south, for instance.