Special Tours

Shaman Tour

sjamaanThe speciality of Shaman tour is that a local Shaman/Bubu Raihan will accompany you throughout the tour and explain/teach some rituals. She is a person who has devoted herself to shamanism and history. Moreover, you will visit holy places where Kyrgyz people go to pray.





Festival Tour

There are two important events planned in this group travel: we visit two cultural festivals. Moreover, the trip includes a combination of various activities e.g. three-days trekking.
The first festival is about the nomad horse games. These games have always accompanied important Kyrgyz events since ancient times.
The second festival  is all about the national dishes, traditions and customs of the Kyrgyz people.
The three-days trekking can be done on either a horse or foot. You will have a breathtakingly stunning view to the second largest high mountain lake – Issyk Kul.




Nature/ Bird Watching Trip

DSC_6059The Nature/ Bird Watching trip is designed especially for active nature lovers. You can observe special species of local birds inhabiting in various landscapes of Kyrgyzstan as well as migrant birds. Big groups of colourful butterflies and screams of marmots will also catch your attention. This tour can also be taken as a photo trip. For more specific information, please contact us.




Wildlife experience

We are going to a special nature area, Sarychat Ertash in Kyrgyzstan. We will enter the area where you can see special animal species. A nature reserve that is protected is so there can be a limited number of people. Conservation, protection of animals  is the go of this area. Kyrgyz Muras may , with a small group, visit this area under the guidance of one or more rangers . We invite you. You can join!

Our go is to help the endangered Animal  in Kyrgyzstan and to protect their habitats. Support local people.