Shaman Tour

sjamaanA very special trip that brings spirituality, history and beautiful scenery together.
Kyrgyz people are an ancient folk. The first source describing Kyrgyz folk living in Central Asia dates back to the 1st thousands BC. Throughout many centuries they could keep their name and traditions.

In fact Kyrgyz people had Shamans in ancient times. However after Kyrgyz tribes accepted Islam in the Middle Ages, the Shamanism began to disappear. Later, the Soviet authority prohibited all religions and beliefs. Yet, some rituals and elements of shamanism remained in remote areas which are still practiced in our culture today.

As Kyrgyzstan gained its independence, the “shamans” revive again. Nowadays local people call them – „Kös atschyk“, „Moldo“, „Bakschy“, „Bubu“, etc. They are believed to have special skills to communicate with nature, spirits of ancestors and some of them are strong enough to heal diseases. One can find them in many remote villages.

Kyrgyz Muras offers you a seldom opportunity – a shaman tour where you can visit them, stay in their villages and get acquainted with “shamans” as well as witness and practice some rituals. During the tour you will be accompanied by Bubu Raihan who devotes herself to “shamanism” and history.

The best time to travel: June – September

Price: 1340 Euro pp. for a group of 4 people

1845 Euro pp. for a group of 2 people


Day Route


Short description

1 Manas – Bishkek  900 m Arrival in Bishkek. After lunch a brief information about tour and places to be visited. Then Bishkek city tour – walking in the park, visiting an open air gallery, historical museum, etc.  Welcome dinner at a restaurant. Overnight stay in hotel/guesthouse.
2 Bishkek – Burana – Chyrpykty ca 1650m Breakfast, leaving for Chyrpykty village (220 km, 4 hours drive) on the northern shore of Issyk-kul lake. On the way, visit the Burana tower (15 km from the main road), an architectural complex of the 10 – 11thcenturies (the Great Silk Road). Lunch on the way at a cafe in Kemin. Arrive at afternoon. Stay at home with a local family.
3 Chyrpykty Today you have a whole day to experience the local way of living and get used to the altitude. After breakfast you can decide either to go arount the village and communicate with people or go to beach and have a picnic and swim. Dinner and accommodation are by the local family in Chyrpykty.
4 Chyrpykty – Cholpon-Ata – Comsomol –Gregirovka After Breakfast, head to Gregirovka village with stop in Cholpon – Ata city to visit historical museum and an open – air petroglyph (rock painting) gallery (5 km from Cholpon – Ata). Lunch en route. Arrive in Comsomol village, visit Emil bakshy. He is a healer. He heals skin disease. Arrive in Gregirovka afternoon. Dinner and accomodation is at a lokal family.
5 Gregirovka Gregirovka is a village where many folk healers live, who you`ll visit. After breakfast, go to a couple: husband “moldo” and wife “bubu”. They can read future and “dem saluu” which means they heal different illnesses with the help of invocation method and ritualls. Lunch, dinner and overnight is by the local family.
6 Gregirovka – Karakol After breakfast you`ll meet Chynara bubu who prophets and makes “dem saluu” for healing female disease after which the trip goes to Karakol. Visiting local bazaar, shopping. City tour: visit the Dungan Mosque styled as a Chinese pagoda, the Russian Orthodox Church, etc. Lunch and dinner at café. Overnight is at guesthouse.
7 Karakol – Ak-Suu – Karakol In the morning drive to Ak-Suu gorge to the nature. Go to the mountains and mineral springs where you can relax and meditate. Have a picnic in the nature. Come back to Karakol afternoon. Dinner at café, overnight is at guesthouse.
8 Karakol – Djeti-Oguz – Saruu After an early breakfast transfer from Karakol to Djeti-Oguz Gorge, seven large red rocks known as “Seven Bulls”. Walk and picnic in the Kok – Zhaik area (a Valley of Flowers), climbing to waterfall. . Arrive at Saruu for dinner. Overnight is in village by a local family.
9 Saruu Breakfast up to your wishes. Today you can decide choose either to go to lake or have a picnic there or go to Juuku – Suu Gorge, hot mineral springs. This is a favorite place for local people.  Hiking to waterfall through pass covered with fir trees and rocky mounts along the river.  Enjoy with peaceful nature during the picnic. Come back to village for dinner. Overnight is at home.
10 Saruu – Manjyly Ata – Bokonbaevo Almaluu jurtcamp Drive to Manjyly-Ata, it is a large mazaar, a sacred site that lies on the southern shore of the Ysyk-Köl. As early as in 17th century Manjyly-Ata was known as a sacred place which is still considered to be so. The pilgrims used to visit the springs (of Umaiy-Ene, Kyrk-Chilten, hero Köbök, Ilim, Bala) the trees (Bugu-Ene), the grave of Moiyt ake and other graves in the mazaar. The waters of the each seven springs of Manjyly-Ata are believed to have a different flavor, and according to the knowledge of the traditional practitioners, they all have different healing abilities. Have a picnic. Drive to Almaluu jurt camp in the afternoon, dinner and accommodation will be there.
11 Bokonbaevo Almaluu jurtcamp Breakfast, go to the beach and have a picnic and swim or go to the village where you will visit local workshops, witness process of making Kyrgyz national carpets and other handicrafts made by local people, which you also can buy. Dinner and accommodation is at yurt camp.
12 Bokonbaevo – Kochkor Breakfast. Head to Kochkor, visiting local bazaar there, the biggest felt making shops “Altyn – Kol” and “Kyal”. Lunch and dinner in café. Overnight is at CBT guesthouse.
13 Kochkor – Kochkor Ata – Son Kol After breakfast, drive to Kochkor-Ata mazaar – sacred place not far from Kochkor. It is a natural object in a form of piled rocky hills about 20 meters in the middle of Shamshy Valley. According to a legend, which was highly discussed among pilgrims, the patron of the Mount can suddenly appear in a look of a white colt (Ak Tailak – calling locals).  Then it suddenly disappears again. Eyewitnesses considered it as a good sign. Maybe you`ll also be lucky and witness it. After breakfast transfer to Son Kol, the mountain lake on 3016m. Accommodation is in yurt.
14 Son Kol Spend the day enjoying the spaciousness of the Song-Kol area and your well-earned rest at the lake side. Watching and/or participation in everyday life of shepherds: milking mares; making national milk products like kymyz (a fermented mare’s milk) or airan (a sour dense milk product); tending cattle. Eat a delicious lunch here, stroll along the lakeshore, and hope the legendary Song-Kol weather stays kind.
15 Son Kol –  Bishkek An early breakfast, leave for Bishkek. Lunch en route, arrive in Bishkek afternoon. Farewell dinner is at restaurant. Overnight in hotel.
16 Departure  Transfer to Airport.



The price includes all services such as accommodation, transport and guidance from arrival at airport till departure EXCEPT the costs for flights and alcoholic beverages.