Wildlife experience in Kyrgyzstan

Do you really love unspoiled nature?
Are you going for a challenge?
Do you want to see special animal species in their own environment?
Do you like photos?
Are your travel conditions not that important?
Do you have a good condition?


Then we can give you a great travel experience.

We are going to a special nature area, Sarychat Ertash in Kyrgyzstan. We will enter the area where you can see special animal species. A nature reserve that is protected is so there can be a limited number of people. Conservation, protection of animals  is the go of this area. Kyrgyz Muras may , with a small group, visit this area under the guidance of one or more rangers . We invite you. You can join!

Our go is to help the endangered Animal  in Kyrgyzstan and to protect their habitats. Support local people.
–           Help with (scientific) projects to protect different animal species
–           Development of alternative methods for sustainability of local families
who live in this area
–           Helping local partners to finance their activities. Like:  scientific equipment,
assistance with (restoration) of base camps

What are you going to do?

Go Kyrgyzstan. After first having acclimatised several days in different special places you go to the special nature reserve Sarychat Ertash  Some experience with riding is helpfull. You will also get to know the riding in Kyrgyzstan for the first few days.

When you arrive in the nature reserve after a day trip you get a horse. You learn what you can and cannot do in this area. What the program looks like, what you are going through depends on the weather. You are going to visit the area as a team. You are responsible for each other. You take all equipment with you on extra horses, on the way  rangers will cook for you so that you can fully enjoy. Be open to new experience and adventure; take it as it is .

In Sarychat Ertash  90 different birds have been spotted. There are many endangered species.

Such as: Bears and snow leopard , Foxes and wolves, Manuel and Lynx, Argali (mountain sheep) and ibex, different types of marmots. Rabbit, partridge, bearded vulture, golden eagle, griffon vulture, brown vulture, bearded vulture, eagle, owl, snow pheasant, ibis beak


Sarychat Ertash  above 4000 m high. Isolated environment. Far from civilized world.
Climate: generally dry but cold.

Accommodation: In Bishkek a good hotel, homestay and yurt on the road , in Sarychat Ertash  a tent.

Kyrgyz Muras provides a good logistical preparation ( cars , food, horses etc.)
Because the area can only be entered with special permits Kyrgyz Muras will take care of this.
Kyrgyz Muras will ensure the safety of its guests as far as this can be expected of them under these conditions (inherent to this kind of expeditions) There is at least a satellite phone and a good pharmacy .

Are you interested? Do you want to know more? Ask us about the possibilities to go with this special travel expedition.

The best time to travel is between 10 September and 15 October

Day Route Short description
1 Manas – Bishkek


Arrival in Bishkek. Go to the market to buy the necessary stuff .Welcome dinner in a restaurant explanation of the journey .
Accommodation in hotel.
2 Bishkek – Kegeti ( Shamshy) Breakfast and on the way to the Kegeti gorge . Acclimatize and get acquainted with riding. Dinner and overnight in a guesthouse .
3 Kegeti ( Shamshy ) After breakfast riding (about 2 hours) We continue along the river into the gorge. Enjoy nature.


Kegeti ( Shamshy ) – ChonKemin After breakfast, departure for the nature reserve Chon Kemin (national park since 1997) Dinner and overnight in a guesthouse .
5 ChonKemin Early in the morning we drive on horse to the woods. Observe the birds and animals. Drive through the forest along the river and on slopes of the mountains.
6 Chon-Kemin – Tamga Today we go to Tamga at the Yssyk kul lake. Preparation for the expedition that is to come.
7-14 Sarychat Ertash  nature reserve Multi-day expedition in Sarychat Ertash . On day 14 we return to Tamga .
15-18 Yssyk region 4 days around the Yssyk kul lake , on day 18 after breakfast transfer to Bishkek. Lunch on the way. Farewell dinner in a restaurant. Accommodation in hotel.
19 Departure Transfer to the airport.
Goodbye Kyrgyzstan

The price includes all services such as full pension, transport and assistance from arrival at the airport to departure, except for your flight and alcoholic drinks .