Special Encounters

Get to know the local population

What you will remember is not just the buildings or nature, but above all the encounters on a journey. The dinner you enjoyed with a local family, the tea you drank while visiting a Djialoo in Yurte or the people you met on a bike ride. Local activities will make your trip special. Visit a festival, prepare a meal together, play a game. Or make an Ala Kijis together. Everything is possible to get to know the local population better.

It’s not just about authentic and unique experiences for our traveler, but also local communities should benefit from tourism. We create experiences that mean far more than just holidays.

Travel is the best teacher when it comes to experiencing mutual respect and diversity as well as developing a general appreciation of things. We want to reduce the negative impact of tourism and make the environment of the local people a pleasant place to live. That is sustainable travel. And that’s our passion.