Tien Shan Trip

tien shanDe meest geboekte reis!!

Afwisseling in landschappen. Actief en minder actief het land ontdekken. Bezoek meerdere bijzondere plekken. Ontmoet de kyrgesen.

Een mooie combi reis. Naar wens kun je of een trekking doen of te paard  langs het bergmeer Kol Tor over een pas van 3000 meter met schitterende uitzichten.

Maak een rondreis rond het Yssyk Kul, je gaat naar de nomaden bij Son Kul om je reis via de zijde route naar Tash Rabat  af te sluiten.
Kortom, drie weken genieten!

Kenmerkend aan de reis: combinatie van actief – cultureel en historie, uit te breiden met nog een (meerdaagse) trekking, een paar dagen fietsen, bezoek aan een festival of neem deel aan Salburuun.
Overnachten: Hotel, homestay bij families, guesthouse en de yurt


Prijs:  1685 € p.p.   een groep van 4 personen.
2500 € p.p.   een groep van 2 personen.

De beste tijd om te reizen:   Juni – September




Short description


Arrival  in Bishkek

ca. 900 m Arrival in Bishkek. Have a rest in a hotel. A brief information about the whole tour and places to be visited. After lunch make a city tour in the center of Bishkek, visiting open air gallery, historical museum, Osh bazaar, etc. Welcoming dinner at a restaurant. Overnight stay in hotel.

Bishkek – Ala-Archa

ca 1500m After the breakfast head to the national park Ala-Archa, about 40 km from the Bishkek. Walking to a waterfall with a picture of enormous value covered with a rich variety of flora. Enjoy a picnic in the nature. Return to the city afternoon. Dinner at a café. Overnight in the Hotel.

Bishkek – Burana – Chong-Kemin

1800m Breakfast, then head to Chong-Kemin valley, National Park founded in 1997. The tour includes a visit to the Burana tower on the way (15 km from the main road), an architectural complex dating back to 10 – 11thcenturies (the Great Silk Road). Lunch en route. Arrive in village Karol-Dobo afternoon. Stay at home by a local family.

Chong -Kemin

After breakfast, depending on your wishes, either walk around the village, meet local people and witness their way of living, or hike/ride a horse to the forest in order to get a feeling for the forthcoming trekking. Accommodation and meals are by the local family.

Chong – Kemin – Toru-Aigyr Jailoo

Begin of trekking or horse riding

ca 2800 m Early breakfast and start the trek heading to the east, to the jailoo (alpine pasture) Chym Bulak. The way is along the river Chong Kemin and Bai Kichi, Toguz-Bulak and Chym-Bulak gorges. Flanks of hills are covered with fir trees. Lunch in the nature.  Continuing the trek along the forest till the pasture Toru-Aigyr. Put up tents. The trek will last about 6-7 hours, depending on speed of walkers.

Toru-Aigyr Jailoo – Koltor lake

2600 m This day you`ll head to the Koltor mountain lake, it has a form of trapezium and about 2600 m above the sea level. You`ll go up and down several times before reaching the lake. It is a wonderful place for camping. Lunch in the wilder nature and dinner is on the shore of mountain lake. Overnight is in tents. The trek of this day will take also about 6-7 hours.

Koltor See – Atchyk-Tash Jailoo – Chyrpykty

End of trekking or horse riding

3400 m Have an early breakfast. Today is a hard day because you will go over the Tamchy Pass (3400m). You`ll go only up till the pass. Lunch is by shepherds on the pasture Achyk-Tash after crossing the pass. This is a point where a car will be waiting for you to pick you up to the next destination. The end of the trek (will take about 6 hours). The car will bring you to village Chyrpykty. There you`ll have a rest. Accommodation is by a local family.


Breakfast, relax, go to lake, beach time, swim. Walk around the village, meet local people and experience their culture. Lunch, dinner and accommodation are at the local family.

Chyrpykty – Karakol

After Breakfast, head to Karakol. On the way make a stop in Cholpon – Ata to visit a museum. Arrive in Karakol afternoon, city tour: visit the Dungan Mosque styled as a Chinese pagoda, the Russian Orthodox Church and museum. Visiting local bazaar, shopping. Dinner is at restaurant. Overnight is at CBT guesthouse (a gueshouse organized by Community Based Tourism Association in Kyrgyzstan).

Karakol – Djeti-Oguz – Saruu

Breakfast, then transfer to Djeti-Oguz Gorge, seven large red rocks known as “Seven Bulls” and the “Broken Heart” a huge rock in a form of a broken heart with plenty of ancient legends about a sad love story. Here you can also visit a sanatorium of Soviet period.  Have a picnic in area of Kok Jaiyk after which you can also hike up to a waterfall.  Arrive in next destination – village Saruu by dinner time. Overnight is by a local family.


ca. 1800m After breakfast leaving for Juuku – Suu Gorge, to hot mineral springs. This is a popular place among local people.  Hiking to waterfall through a pass covered with fir trees and rocky mounts along a mountain river.  Enjoy peaceful nature during a picnic lunch. Come back to village for dinner. Overnight is by the local family.

Saruu – Skazka – Bokonbaevo Almalu yurt camp

Breakfast up to your wishes, head to Bokonbaevo with an en-route visit of a fantastic place called Skazka (Fairytale). Sandy clay rocks shaped mysteriously by nature – through wind, rain, sun, throughout centuries. You will have an impression of being in a tale if you give a freedom to your imaginations! Arrive in Almaluu yurt camp by the lunch time. Afternoon go to the beach and have a swim. Stay in the yurt camp.

Almalu yurt camp

Breakfast, relax, go to the lake, beach time, and swim. Walk around, communicate with local people or go to Bokonbaevo village where you can visit local workshops, witness process of making Kyrgyz national carpets and other handicrafts made by local people which you can also buy. Accommodation is at the yurt camp.

Almalu yurt camp – Kochkor

Breakfast, transfer to Kochkor village. Visiting local bazaar, the biggest felt making shops “Altyn – Kol” and “Kyal”. Lunch and dinner in café. Overnight is at CBT guesthouse.

Kochkor  – Son-Kol

3050m Breakfast, then transfer to Son Kol, the mountain lake situated on 3016 m. It is a beautiful spacious valley with a lake in the middle. Best panoramic views for photos. It is a paradise for shepherd people as well as for cattle. However the weather here is unpredictable and you can witness all 4 seasons in a short while.  Meals and accommodation is in yurt.


Breakfast, have a rest, spend a day with time at the lakeside or ride a horse around. Watching and/ or participating in everyday life of shepherds: milking mares, making national milk products like kymyz (a fermented mare’s milk) or airan (a sour dense milk product), tending cattle. Meals and overnight is in yurt.

Song-Kol – Tash Rabat

Breakfast, leaving early for Tash – Rabat, Caravanserai (15th C) which was constructed on the ancient trade route from Central Asia   to China and was a resting place for merchants, ambassadors and travelers. It is the largest Central Asian stone-built construction of that epoch. Lunch en route. Stay in yurt camp for an overnight.

Tash Rabat

ca. 3200 m Breakfast, walking around, get acquainted with local people, enjoy the nature, meditation. Lunch, dinner and overnight is in the yurt camp.

Tash Rabat – Koshoi Korgon – Naryn

After breakfast head to Koshoi- Korgon, an old fortress (9-12th AD), historical museum. Arrive by lunch time in Naryn, the center of oblast. Make a city tour, visit local mosque, art gallery. Dinner at a cafe. Overnight is at a guesthouse.

Naryn – Bishkek

Breakfast, an early leave for Bishkek. (375 km, 6 hours).  Lunch en route. Arrive in Bishkek after lunch time. Farewell dinner at a restaurant. Overnight in hotel.


Transfer to airport and say goodbye to Kyrgyzstan!


The price includes all services such as accommodation, transport and guidance from arrival at airport till departure EXCEPT the costs for flights and alcoholic beverages.