Dear Guests,

We would like to welcome you to our mysterious, beautiful, and largely undiscovered country of Kyrgyzstan. My family and I, Damir, are heirs to the unique Kyrgyz heritage which has been passed down by our ancestors. In this era of globalisation, it is now our duty to protect and preserve the Kyrgyz culture, traditions and its unspoilt nature for future generations.  It would give us great pleasure to invite you to witness and participate in our activities. We have named our company ‘Kyrgyz Muras’:  Muras = Heritage. Kyrgyz Muras organizes trips for individuals, exclusively for just married couples (honey moon), small groups and families (with children) Kyrgyz Muras provides local people with work, providing incomes for people in remote areas where it is difficult to find any employment and helps families with many children.  At the same time stimulating them to conserve the muras and pass it on to their children. Our organisation helps to support the handicapped children of orphanages. We do not want those who lack the parental love and attention that others enjoy, to be forgotten by society. They are entitled to a better life; we are all equal in the eyes of God. With your help we can try to make them happier.

About us: Kyrgyz Muras is based on ecological and traditional principles.

Our slogan: Enjoy the unique Kyrgyz heritage and magnificent nature.

Our aim: To cherish and nurture the invaluable Kygyz heritage, to pass it on to the younger generation, and to share it with the world.